Not just a beautiful snapshot of a moment, but the whole moment. Naturally. As it happened.




Since 2005, Video Dreams Productions has been a premier cinematography studio specializing in wedding and corporate event videography. We enjoy every opportunity to tell the story of your special event as it unfolds, and we always strive to achieve a compelling result.

On your wedding day, the things that you notice and remember aren’t just the cake cutting, the first dance and the pronouncing of vows. You’ll also remember the look on your spouse’s face, the way your father hugs you when giving you away, the small gestures your wedding party makes. Video Dreams Productions is not just a wedding videographer in Illinois. We’re filmmakers, and we approach each wedding, corporate event and other special events we film with the aim of capturing the day as it actually unfolds, not as it is expected to unfold. We favor stories over montages, and we really do believe that each wedding, company, family and individual has a unique story to tell and we’d love to document yours. 


With over 25 years of experience in the film industry, Video Dreams Productions is dedicated to meeting your needs with a professional, discreet and thoughtful approach to your wedding or event. When you hire us, you’ll be allowing us to capture not just a beautiful snapshot of your moment, but the whole moment as it naturally unfolds. For special event and wedding videography in Peoria Illinois and beyond, there simply isn’t a more dedicated business than Video Dreams Productions. Here are just a few more reasons to hire us for your next special event: 


·     we are a proud locally owned and operated small business in East Peoria.



· our owner has nearly a quarter century of experience in videography.



· we can capture weddings, corporate events and any other special event  you desire.



· we can also produce music videos, infomercials and training videos for  corporate clients.



·  we strive to deliver reasonable prices.



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